SUMMIT COUNSELING began with Matt Levine’s experience as a social worker, specialized in treating children with behavioral problems. The practice has since grown to serve the social and emotional needs of the larger community. Let us be your partner to the top.

Our therapists use a holistic approach, incorporating natural supports and untapped positive environmental resources into their client’s life. We use CBT, DBT, Trauma Focused-CBT, EMDR, behavioral activation, and mindfulness therapies in our practice.

Family Therapy​

Helping your family through tough times and enabling better communication and family wellbeing. Find out how we can
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Individual Therapy

Find out how Summit Counseling can help you to fulfil your personal goals, help you through difficult times, and give you a
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Special Educational Needs​

In an increasingly competitive society, schools often don’t have the resources to give attention to those with special
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Case Management​

We specialize in collaborating with other professionals who are assisting in other areas of your family’s life or health
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Parenting Support

Sometimes your child is not listening or following directions they way you want.This can be due to a variety of reasons, but
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